Ball Bearing Thread Nippers
Gold Seal® Thread Nippers are used in many industrial operations.  Although designed primarily for cutting threads, nippers are fast, efficient and convenient for any light cutting operation.  The "Ball Bearing" construction results in smoother, easier operation and increases the life of the nipper.  Available with safety rounded points at slightly higher price. All have an adjustable pivot with locking nut to hold adjustment.  Made in USA.
Model Description
104N Nickel Plated
104NKE Nickel Knife Edge
104SC Satin Chrome
104SCKE Satin Chrome Knife Edge
104SCBP Satin Chrome Blunt Points
104SCBPKE Satin Chrome Blunt Point Knife Edge
104SS Stainless Steel
104SSKE Stainless Steel Knife Edge
104X Polymer Coated
104XKE Polymer Coated Knife Edge
104HC Hard Chrome

Length: 4.5" (114mm)
Length of cut: 1.25" (32mm)
Weight per Dozen: 2 lbs (.91kg)

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