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Since 1927, Gold Seal® has been supplying industrial, agricultural, and commercial businesses with the finest quality cutting tools.  Our line of Shears, Scissors, and Thread Nippers are used extensively in the garment, textile, and other sewn products industries.  Our Fruit Clippers and Poultry Shears are rugged and dependable tools for harvesting and processing.  A determined commitment to quality, value and innovation have made over seventy years of growth possible.

Gold Seal® Products are designed and built to stand up to the most rigorous demands of professional users.  All of our cutting tools are made of hot drop forged high carbon steel, which when properly heat treated produces the finest cutlery made.  Each tool is individually inspected and tested before it is sold, assuring the customer of a superior product.

New technologies and methods are continually introduced in the manufacturing processes.  Constant, incremental improvements in productivity have enabled us to offer remarkable value in the pricing of our products.

In 1954 our company was awarded a patent for the "Ball Bearing Thread Nipper", a design so effective that it has been copied worldwide and is now the industry standard.  Some years later our company also pioneered the use of and coined the phrase for "Knife Edge Grind" for shears, scissors, nippers etc.  While we still use the basic design for the Thread Nipper and the Knife Edge Shear, both have undergone an evolutionary improvement.  Our Polymer Coated Thread Nipper demonstrates our continuing commitment to innovation.

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